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Aleah was absolutely FANTASTIC. She was so willing to help all of my bridesmaids the day of the wedding, and she was so kind and encouraging the whole morning. I was so nervous about makeup since I usually like to do mine in a really particular way- but I was SO impressed with her skill and talent! She does a beautiful job at both a natural look and more dramatic! I could not recommend her more highly- if you are scrolling through looking for makeup artists, stop here! She is the best of the best!

Carleigh H.

I was really nervous about hair and make-up, because I’ve had an idea of what I wanted to look like for a long time and I've been disappointed a lot in the past. Let me tell you – I did NOT think I could look that good! Aleah was phenomenal! I loved my make-up so much I wanted to cry - she listened to what I asked for and gave me exactly what I wanted! I should also note, if you're debating airbrush make-up, do it. I looked the same from the first look to the end of the night after I danced my ass off!

Jen D.

Aleah was amazing. She made me look so beautiful for my wedding. Aleah is a true makeup artist. I can't wait until I have another "function" so I can look like a princess again. I would recommend her to all my friends and family. Thank you Aleah for your amazing work.

Stacy K.

Aleah was a dream to work with--she made me feel like the most beautiful bride on my wedding day! This was my first time getting my make-up done and to say I was nervous is an understatement. I wanted a really natural look for the day, yet I wanted make-up that would last throughout the day. Aleah listened to my vision and was able to incorporate all of my ideas into my look. My mom and my six bridesmaids got their make-up done as well, every single one of them commented on how much they loved their personalized look and how well it stayed. Aleah was so extremely fun and patient with each of us. I will be using her for all of my future make-up needs! Would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend!

Kelsey S.

Aleah made me look and feel beautiful in full airbrush on my wedding day. I told her in advance my concerns about my problem skin, but she assured me she'd take care of it. The woman is like a wizard with an airbrush for a wand. I seriously got so many compliments from my guests, it was just amazing! My three bridesmaids had traditional makeup done by her and they were all equally impressed by not only her skills, but her professionalism and overall wonderful personality. Just so fun to work with her that day!

Andrea H.

I had my makeup done by Aleah on my wedding day. Not only is she super friendly and outgoing but she did an amazing job. I looked flawless and she did exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend her to anyone! She did a great job!

Kendra N.

Aleah did a great job on my make-up for my wedding. Not only did it turn out just how I wanted, but it stayed that way all night long. Aleah was great to work with as well. I would recommend her service to everyone!

Julie P.

Aleah was great! She trekked in the snowstorm to my office to do my makeup prior to a video shoot. I have not had good experiences in the past with makeup artists...they always make me look like someone else! Aleah listened to me and truly gave the soft, not-too-made-up look I was seeking. I now just hired her to do the makeup for my whole company on the day we are having photos taken for our website. She is fantastic!

Janie F.

We had a remarkable experience! Aleah knew what she was doing. We looked beautiful right from a magazine. My mom who had her makeup done too is 83 and she looked stunning! Aleah was on time and ready to work. Aleah is very nice and kind to work with. She really knows how to put on makeup. We were sorry to see her go she became part of the family. Thank you for all your work. We felt and looked gorgeous.

Michele T.

The advice I would give to a couple who is deciding whether or not to hire Aleah is that they should not be debating it because I can not see anyone else that could do the kind of work she does. Not only is she skilled and knowledgeable in what she does, you can tell she really does enjoy what she is doing. She kept telling me how excited she was to be doing my make up and how she absolutely loved working with my color choices and it was so great and reassuring to know she was as excited about this day for me as I was and that to me is what was the best part, she was relatable and extremely easy to work with. She was very flexible, even the night before when I changed our meeting location and time to a whole different city and 1 hour sooner then originally discussed, she had no questions at all and went with the flow. I will always think Aleah when recommending makeup application for whatever reason to anyone, especially brides!! Thank you so much again Aleah!!

Samii B.

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