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About Aleah...

Aleah has been a freelance makeup artist for over 15 years.  Her makeup obsession began at the age of five and her family and friends quickly became her "models" to practice on. As her skills improved, she soon fell in love with the way they would look in the mirror and smile at their transformation.  She has had a strong passion for makeup artistry and everything that comes with it ever since.

Peers and clients alike seek Aleah’s expertise knowing they will get honest advice, beautifully applied makeup, and an enjoyable working experience.  Her continued success comes through listening to each of her client’s individual needs and thoughtfully designing a custom makeup look that reflects and enhances her client’s unique, natural beauty.  She believes in not only enhancing clients' beauty for one day, but also giving them the knowledge and confidence to do the same for themselves.  Aleah puts her clients instantly at ease by making them feel comfortable, respected, and most importantly, looking and feeling their absolute best!

When she's not doing makeup, Aleah also works as a manager in a Minneapolis hospital and spends her free time with her partner and their two children.

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